Directory Listings FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about your business profile.

What geographic area is included?
All of New Castle County, Delaware and the immediately adjacent counties may post, including Kent & Sussex Counties, DE + Cecil County, MD + Delaware & Chester Counties, PA and Salem County, NJ.

Who may add a listing?
Any business or non-profit organization either based in our area (noted above) or with a physical branch location in our area. Any size group is welcome, from large corporation to sole proprietor.

How do I update / edit or delete an existing listing?
with changes only (attach logo / photo) from the email address noted on your current profile or other official organization email address. Call Webmaster Ray at 302-633-1482 with questions.

Are home businesses and MLM marketers eligible to post?
Yes, full or part time businesses, direct marketers and network marketers are welcome AS LONG AS you are posting your local contact information including phone number and website address.

What if I can’t find an appropriate category to list in?
Please select the closest possible category and sub-category for your main product/service. Most categories have an “other…” as the last choice. You may contact us to request a new sub-category.
(Please indicate which category you added yourself to.)

What information should be included?
Complete all fields of the form when adding profile information. Including products/services keywords is especially important to include the search terms that visitors seek. For example, a cigar shop might include cigars, cigarettes, pipes, tobacco products in Bio / Description area. Add additional details such as your experience, business hours, awards, etc.

How else can I market my business online?
Check out our advertising page to see low rates to display a banner ad on every page
of this directory! Contact Webmaster Ray about that and how to improve your own website.